What Is IPL Laser Hair Removal? An In-Depth Overview Of IPL Hair Removal

IPL machinesIPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL hair removal is one of the cheapest and quickest permanent hair removal methods to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. Generally, a cosmetologist or a medical expert uses the IPL technique.

It was back in 1997 when it was approved by the FDA as a tool for permanent hair removal. This technology was initially developed for the treatment of other conditions, but instead it caused hair loss in patients. The effectiveness and safety of IPL hair removal have been certified by the FDA since a lot of information about IPL hair removal is available.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

Unlike traditional laser therapy, IPL is actually a light therapy that is used for the permanent removal of hair. It is different from laser because a spectrum of different wavelengths of light energy is used and numerous skin structures are targeted, destroyed and stimulated at the same time. In order to be effective, IPL must have the appropriate surface skin cooling, essential power output, the right light filters, and a wide pulse-width. With these factors in place, hair follicles can be permanently destroyed, destroyed blood vessels can be treated, collagen can be regenerated and skin pigmentation can be treated using IPL.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

With these factors in place, hair follicles can be permanently destroyed, destroyed blood vessels can be treated; collagen can be regenerated, and skin pigmentation can be treated using IPL. The pigment in hair, which is known as melanin, absorbs these pulses of light. Hair is heated up and the cells that cause hair to grow are destroyed, as a result of which long term hair reduction is achieved.

How is IPL Laser Hair Removal Carried Out?

To protect your eyes from the intense pulsed light you will be asked to wear goggles. A layer of chilled gel will be applied to the area of your body where the light will be guided into your skin to remove hair permanently. To make the treatment more comfortable, the area will also be cooled.

The IPL device (home IPL devices are also available, this site http://www.simplyadoreyou.com has reviews of the best sellers) will be placed on your skin, and a short pulse of light will be released as a result of which many hair follicles will be simultaneously targeted. The device will be moved wherever there is unwanted hair that needs to be removed, and the process will be repeated. After the procedure, the chilled gel will be removed, and the area will be moisturized.

What are the Benefits of IPL Hair Removal?

1. Hair on any part of the body can be safely and securely removed
2. Collagen production is improved
3. Even Skin conditions can be treated
4. Hair is removed very quickly
5. Consumes really less time
6. No suffering and no pain is caused
7. Skin pigmentation problems can also be treated effectively

Where Can IPL Hair Removal Be Used?

IPL can be used to treat all areas of the body and face, and can be used for both men and women. IPL can be used to treat all hair colors and skin types, but hair follicles are more permanently destroyed when the hair color is darker, and the skin color is lighter. Rather than targeting merely the hair shaft, the melanin pigment in the base of the hair follicles is targeted by IPL. Usually, a larger amount of melanin is present in darker hair roots and darker skin colors and more heat-thermal energy is absorbed, destroying the hair permanently.

Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent?

The truth is that permanent hair removal is not really possible no matter what type of hair removal method or treatment you go for. However, IPL hair removal is a very advanced technology that reduces hair growth permanently. The great thing about IPL is that once it targets hair follicles it indeed destroys them permanently.

Once you have undergone the treatment effectively, most likely there will be very little hair growth in the area where the IPL device was applied. At times, this hair removal method might even succeed at completely removing unwanted hair from your body and the hair will never grow back. Even if hair does grow back in the area, it will usually be lighter in color, thin and weak and can be easily removed once again.