Getting started with a food smoker

Barbecuing is indeed considered one of the most preferred food preparation methods in the country and one of the most reliable ways of ensuring that you are able to perfect your skills in this age old cooking method is getting yourself the right offset smoker. One of the main reasons why many people are reluctant to purchase an offset smoker is the fact that most people think that this food preparation device is unnecessarily expensive. Well just like most things in the market, you can get both expensive and affordable smokers. The mistake that most people make when it comes to purchasing smokers is the assumption that the best offset smoker for beginners are those that border on the pricier side. This is not necessarily true since they are several good affordable smokers for beginners.

Brinkmann’s Trailmaster food smokerThe Brinkmann’s Trailmaster is a good example of an affordable beginner barbequing device. The 57 inch vertical smoker has several features that make it an ideal smoker especially for what can be considered light-weight smoking tasks. First and foremost, the smoker features a vertical design that is meant to enhance the overall flow of heat thus ensuring that the meat or whatever food that is being prepared is heated in an even fashion. In addition to its vertical design, the trailmaster is also spacious enough to allow a high quantity of food to be prepared at the same time.

In addition to the Brinkmann’s Trailmaster, another good offset smoker that I would recommend is the Char-Broil Gas Smoker. Just like the former device, the Char-Broil is also a vertical smoker but it has a much narrower design than the Brinkmann’s. This implies that one has to cut meat pieces into thinner slices for them to fit perfectly in the smoker however, the fact that this smoker features three racks allows you to prepare a lot of meat pieces at the same time. Moreover, the Char-Boil is also able to adequately store heat while smoking and it is quite durable than most smokers in its price range.

The third barbequing device that I would consider one of the best offset smokers for beginners is the Landmann 34-inch gas smoker. One of the most interesting features of this smoker is the fact that it features two drawers. The first drawer can be used as a water pan placement area while the second drawer can be is used as the wood chip box. The design of the Landmann gas smoker is quite effective since the two drawers makes it easy for you to replenish water and heating material without interfering with the meat.